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There are many kinds of love but all love that is true is different expressions of the same love which is God’s love. Whatever love that you feel and express, it is actually the love of the creator being expressed through you. Who you really are is a messenger of God’s love. Life is a journey for us to discover more of who we really are so that we can evolve to higher forms of expressing love until we can fully love unconditionally. That is when we can fully allow the love of the divine to flow through us uninhibitedly.
Unconditional love is love that is free. You are never really free to love when you have attachments that keep you from loving freely. You hold back from expressing love because of rejection, you hold back from expressing love because it is not reciprocated.When you allow yourself to love unconditionally, you are not afraid of rejection. You love fearlessly and freely without needing anything back. The most liberating kind of love is the carefree kind of love. It is giving of yourself freely and not holding back.
When you love unconditionally, you are simply following your heart while having detachment from results. Conditions are attachment to results. You may desire to have things go a certain way with someone or something. But when you unconditionally love and accept what is, even if it does not happen the way you intend it to happen, then you create the conditions by which the essence of what you truly desire can happen because it is no longer a requirement for it to happen, but it is free to spring forth.

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